Advertise on Tatuza

Nobody counts the number of ads you run;

they just remember the impression you make.

Why advertise on Tatuza?

Guaranteed Customer Growth

Online ads can draw more traffic to your website,increasing the probability of leads and more bookings, which helps you to generate more revenue.

Target the right Audience

Showcase your portfolio and message to speak specifically to your target customers for what you have to offer, at convenient time for both.

Get Performance Report

Get access to the detail report for your ads,customer visiting your page, analytics report and track your campaign insights.

Lower your marketing costs

Drive your customer on common platform and you pick exactly what you want to spend and when you want to spend it.

Increase brand credibility & trust

Running online ads gets your studio name in front of your online customers wherever they are on the web and keep your business in front of potential customers

Your competitors are doing it

If your competition’s out there engaging with your target market they’re gaining market share and customer will never know your name if you don’t ads.

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